For Sale - UM - 16335 - Sacmi CCM 001 Closure Compression Moulding Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 16335


Sacmi CCM 001 Closure Compression Moulding Machine

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Good Condition



Product Details

CVS 051B Control system
Corema PC/AP-45EE-1-P
TRO001 Chiller
Sacmi BTA900 Cutter
MDW 70/21 Mixer
Piovan Mod. S40 Hopper Loader
Piovan Mod. S45 Hopper Loader
Working hours : 30,852 hours
Production speed of CCM-500 caps per minute.
Output 30,000 caps per hour
1 Slitting machine SCM12LA (2007) with production capacity 900 caps/min,(54000 caps/hour)
1 Chiller Corema PC/AP-45EE-1S Feeding and dosing module Wittmann
Power consumption is 75 KW/hour
The line is used to produce PCO 1810 closures as well as 38 mm closures.
The current owner could sell the line with both these mould included or just one mould.
Should you be interested in one mould(PCO 1810 or 38 mm)