For Sale - UM - 16326 - Used 41" Wide Welex Mono Layer Sheet Extrusion Line.


Reference Numbers

UM - 16326


Used 41" Wide Welex Mono Layer Sheet Extrusion Line.



Product Details

3.5" 30/1/ L/D Welex extruder. Model 3.5-30:1LHSV,
New 05/88 Has vented and plugged barrel, but
Includes 2-stage screw and spare screw.
Has electrically heated water cooled system with water pump.
Extruder is driven by a 150 HP DC motor with SCR control,
Has Lufkin change gear gearbox.
Extruder is equipped with a static mixer and co-extrusion block.
Has 55" centerline height.
Beringer screen changer with hydraulic pump.
Welex 56/56 melt pump with 20 HP motor,
34" flex lip die with choker bar and replaceable lower lip.
18" X 41" Welex sheet extrusion stack. model 18X41RHSL ,
Rolls are silent chain driven, and air actuated nipping pressure with 8.5" OD cylinders.
Has 42" wide rubber to metal 6? diameter pull roll package driven by 1 HP motor and includes dual razor blade slitting station.
Includes temperature control pumping package, operator control panel.
Previous use high impact polystyrene in a laboratory setting.