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Used Thermoforming Machinery

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Used Thermoforming Machinery

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We are looking for Vacuum Former - Sizee at 1000 x 1000 mm  ...more
We are looking for Lyle Thermoforming Machine LYLE 240 FM  ...more
- Forming area: 540 x 700 mm - Forming area/punching opertion area: 527 x 687 - Depth of draw: 50-55 mm - Foil thickness: 1.2 mm up to 2 mm - Foil width- 510 mm - Foil material- PS/ ESD  ...more
We are looking for a used thermoforming machine with the following specification: - PET sheet to produce trays - Preferable: 1000 x 1000 or 800 x 600   ...more
We are looking for thermoforming and extrusion machines for the production trays from foamed polystyrene (EPS). - Sheet thickness 1 to 5 mm. - The material is foamed of isobutene general p  ...more
We are looking for extrusion sheet with the following specifications: - Width of sheet plant: 850 mm - Material to be processed: PS -PET- PP - Capacity: 600 - 1000 kg/hr We also lookin  ...more
We are looking for Illig Thermoforming machines - Our requirement is for one lid forming and one tub \ cup forming machine. - One set of tools (any size of lid or tub or cup) with the   ...more
We are looking for used thermoforming machines with the following specifications - for the production of eps (xps) trays - With a width of sheet 42 inches - it is desirable brands such as  ...more
We are looking for thermo vacuum forming machine with the following specification: - Operating range from 400 x 400 mm and above the height of 75 mm molded products - Automatic and semi-  ...more
We are looking for a used vacuumforming machine to the following specifications: - Material: PVC or PP - Thickness: 0.4 mm thick - Minimum of 850 mm wide (up to 1200 mm wide would be of i  ...more
We need a second hand complete Kiefel Thermo Forming Line to make clamshell packaging in APET, preferred forming area is around 700 x 500 mm. Also require forming cutting and stacking and a   ...more
We need a second hand vacuum forming machinery which has 1000 x 1500 mm forming area. - The depth of forming should be up to 500 mm. - We would like to use ABS, PS and PP. - The max. t  ...more
We need thermoforming machine to produce polystyrene trays: Dimensions of Polystyrene trays: - Length: 195 mm - Width: 150 mm - Height: 30 mm Basic material: - Material type: PS fo  ...more
We are looking for thermoforming machine for PET cups as follows: - Dimension of product: Surface PF 650 x 500 mm - Output: 10,000 per hour - Automation required - Acceptable age: 4 year  ...more
We need thermoformers for producing auto components Typical component size 2000 x 1000 mm 1500 x 1000 mm Thickness: 3 - 6 mm, Most common - 4 mm Material: ABS   ...more
We are looking for a thermoforming machine and an A/B/A co extrusion line especially for PET. Thermoformer: - Forming area: 600x500 mm - Pressure mold forming - Preheater and antisagg  ...more
We required a working condition used thermoforming machinery to handle sheets of upto 600 mm width. We will use the machine to manufacture cups Raw Material:- PP and HIPS Sheet thickness   ...more

To sell or buy quality used machines for plastics industry including injection, blow molding , rotational moulding, film, pipe, tape and other extrusion lines write to us at We also offer second hand, rebuilt thermoforming machinery, calendering plants, printing machine and other related auxiliary equipment.

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