For Sale - UM - 10190 - 1850 mm wide 3 Layer Battenfeld Gloenco PP PE Cast Film Line


Reference Number

UM - 10190


1850 mm wide 3 Layer Battenfeld Gloenco PP PE Cast Film Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

- 120 mm + 60 mm extruders
- Feedblock
- 1650 mm Cloeren auto die
- 1850 mm Chill roll, haul off, winder r.1993

3 - layer Battenfeld Gloenco co-extrusion cast-film line for PE, PP, comprising;

- 120 mm Uni-Ex 1-120-32 Battenfeld Gloenco extruder, 32D 180 KW DC motor.
- Fan cooled electrically heated barrel
- 120 mm screen changer with power pack
- Melt-pump "Maag" 56/56 with 12.5 HP DC motor reduction gearbox and flexible coupling u-v drive shaft
- Melt pipe to Cloeren co-extrusion feed block
- 60 mm Uni-Ex 1-60-30 Battenfeld-Gloenco co-extruder 39 KW DC motor
- Electrically heated fan cooled barrel
- Screen changer, Melt pipe to Cloeren co-extrusion feed block
- Cloeren Co-extrusion feed block type FG11 Combining section complete with removable flow inserts for each skin layer
- Streamlining flow passages to minimize hang up and polymer degradation. Selector plug for layer sequence quickly removable.
- 1650 mm wide Cloeren auto guage flex lip die, 1993 serial no 93-1107, 0-1 mm die gap typical film range 0,03- 0.8 mm
- Battenfeld Gloenco Airknife with blower
- 1850mm Battenfelf Gloenco chill-roll polishing stack with 2 rolls independent roll drives via 2x 3.7 KW DC motors, cooling track,
- Scanner for film thickness control, computer die bolt control
- 1850 mm Battenfeld Gloenco haul-off, pneumatic nip, DC drive with reduction gearbox
- 1850 mm wide Battenfeld Gloenco 2 station turret winder model double winder upgraded by Battenfeld
- Operator control console with 2 x vdu monitors
- Panel suite with all DC drives, electrical heating controls and die controls for auto bolt unit
- Up dated by Battenfeld with new die and computer control 1993
- Capacity up to 500 kg/hr but dependant on material, thickness and process condition