Required - UM - 10395 - Complete PVC Calendering Line


Reference Number

UM - 10395


Complete PVC Calendering Line



Product Details

We are looking for complete Calendering Line with the following specifications
- Roll width between 1200 mm to 1500 mm to produce Clear and Colored rigid PVC film for blister packing applications.
- The line should be able to produce rigid PVC film having thickness range from 20 mm to 70 mm with a thickness variation of +/- 5% max

We have a short list of questions

1) Does the line have any spare calendar rolls?
2) Are the calendar rolls peripherally drilled?
3) If the line is not running, When did the line exactly shutdown?
4) Are the calendar rolls chrome plated?
5) What is the max film width possible on this line?
6) What is the total electrical load requirement for this line?
7) Are any samples of the film produced on this line available ?
8) Is the calendar roll heating steamed or oil?
9) Does the line have a planetary extruder or a Buss ko-kneader? pls give details