For Sale - UM - 10626 - Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 10626


Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine



Product Details

- Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine A-3000-4 is an automatic two-step bottle stretch blowing machine.
- It has 3 cavities and the capacity range of the products is from 0.25L to 2.2 L with productivity up to 4 000 bottles (1.5L) in hour.
- The manufactured containers widely used in producing carbonated drink bottle, spring water bottle, oil bottle, pharmaceutical bottle, cosmetic bottle.
- The blowing machine is of the linear type for the production of PET containers by a double-stage process (from preform to bottle).
- The production cycle is divided into the following stages:
- Preform loading from the feeding system to the loading wheel
- Step by step transport with internal grip of the preforms
- Preform heating
- Preform transfer to the distribution chains to the presses
- Step by step perform grip and transfer (with following pitch enlargement)
- In-line offloading of completed containers.

Technical characteristics
- Productivity (for 1.5 liter ), bottles per hour: 4000
- Number of mold cavities, pcs: 3
- Neck Range (diameter), mm: 28 (38)
- Maximum container diameter, mm: 105
- Maximum container height, mm: 350
- Capacity range of the container, L: 0.25-2.2
- Pre blow-up pressure*, up to, MPA: 1.6
- Main blow-up pressure*, up to, MPA: 4.0
- Control pressure, up to, MPA: 0,8
- Air consumption*, m3/min: 4.6
- Fluid flow rate, m3/hour: 0.8
- Installed power, KW: 19.2
- Power consumption, KW: 16
- Overall dimensions, mm (L x W x H): 6100 x 2800 x 2200 (2500)
- Total weight, kg: ~3500

The system comes complete with a feeding system, which the preforms enter in random order and exit aligned on guides that take them into the machine, and with an elevator that transfers a number of preforms onto the aligner conveyor