Required - UM - 10679 - 500 ton Injection Molding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 10679


500 ton Injection Molding Machine



Product Details

- The key requirements are the mold thickness and the hydraulic circuits
Injection Molding Machine

- At least 500 US tons clamp force

- The machine will have a vertical platen dimension of at least 56 inches, a horizontal tie bar opening of at least 46 inches, and accommodate a die thickness of 51 inches.
- Locating ring diameter of 5.0 inches.
- Shot capacity adequate to process 35% glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6/6 with a shot weight of about 1.3 Kg. Suggested capacity of around 2,000 cc.
- Machine to be equipped with hydraulic core circuits. Two circuits on the stationary platen, two circuits on the moving platen.
- Machine to be additionally equipped with a minimum of two hydraulic valve gate circuits that can be sequentially controlled.
- Screw and barrel design and materials adequate to process 35% glass filled Nylon 6/6.
- Hydraulically operated ejection. Interface for sensing ejector return position via a limit switch in the mold.
- Process monitoring including SPC analysis of critical process parameters.
- Ability to store and transmit selected process parameters for part traceability.
- Interface for programmable I/O including temperature monitoring, auxiliary equipment monitoring, and Kistler control of the injection process.

Additional desired capabilities;
- Robotic control integrated in the machine control.
- Hot runner temperature control integrated in the machine control.
- Central, automatic lubrication
- Energy saving options (servo hydraulic motor, insulation blankets, inverter control, etc.)

Cartesian Robot
- Stroke dimensions adequate to remove the parts and present them to the 6-axis robot.
- Two each pneumatic and vacuum zones for independent gripping of the parts.
- I/O with molding machine and downstream equipment including reject signals, safety guarding, alarm signals, etc.
- Approx. 15 Kg capacity.