For Sale - UM - 10822 - Farrel Continuous Mixer


Reference Numbers

UM - 10822


Farrel Continuous Mixer

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

The line used in lab and has run 400 hours only. Line is fully operational and can be seen with dry test



Product Details

Model: 4LMSD
- Modified top feed
- Side discharge.
- Oil heated
- Over-under rotor design.

Driven by a 150 hp
- 500 volt
- 1750 rpm DC motor thru a Lufkin model S64CH gearbox
- Ratio 2.333 to 1
- Approximate 42" centerline height.

(1) Luwa Maag Vacorex Model 90/90 gear pump
- Driven by a 40 hp
- 500 volt
- 2500 rpm DC motor thru a Lufkin model D170CH gearbox
- Ratio 47.1 to 1

(1) Farrel UP-150 hot oil heated die face pelletizer
- 4 blade rotor
- Driven by a 7-1/2 hp
- 3/60/230/460 volt
- 1765 rpm motor.

(1) Beringer model RSL-45DV 4-1/2" diameter screen changer with a 2hp hydraulic power pack

(1) Gala spin dryer
Model: 8.2BF
- Driven by a 5 hp motor

(1) Gala 60 GPM water system with 3hp pump, and heat exchanger

(1) Gala model 4X4-MDV valve

(1) Sterlco hot oil temperature control unit
Model: M2B9026-J1
- 48,000 watts

(1) K-Tron weigh belt feeder
- Approximate 1500 pounds per hour

(1) K-Tron T35 feeder
- Approximate 150 pounds per hour,

(1) K-Tron S200 feeder
- Approximate 60 pounds per hour

(1) 220 KVA
- (1) 75 KVA
- (1) 63 KVA transformers
- (2) Control panels.

- Platform
- Capacity: 1500 lb/hour

- Reason for low hours is; machine is only tried for raw material trials; and patent applications as a pilot line.
- There are absolutely no problems at all.

Machine can be used for
- HDPE oxygen injection
- PP + vis breaking peroxide
- LLDPE CaCO3 compounding
- LLDPE CaCO3 compounding
- LDPE CaCO3 compounding
- CaCO3 with different polymers
- Color M.B. trials
- Carbon black trials
- TiO2 trials

- Machine is very flexible can be sold for CaCO3 / masterbach / vis breaking or other compounding operations

The dimensions of the platform is 7 x 8 meter and 7 meter height
- Approx weight of platform is 12-13 m ton
- Approx total weight of the equipment is about 16-18 m ton

1) There is no single screw in this installation. the system is equipped with MAAG gear pump. this is a far better/advanced system compared to single screw installation; as you can control the residence time in the mixer and mixing time ; together with feed rate algorithm.
a) Such gear pump assembly is needed for reactive extrusion + peroxide breaking of PP
b) We were doing peroxide breaking of PP and also oxygen + nitrojen injection to HDPE

2) The underwater pelletizing system is from GALA; only the cutter hub and assbemly is from Farrel.
3) Gala underwater pelletizer
4) Feeders;
a) Ktron single screw volumetric
i) Additives like antioxidants or free flowable powders or granules
b) Ktron twin screw gravimentric
i) Polymers / free flowing powders / anti oxidants etc.
c) Ktron weight belt feeder -gravimetric / not installed currently
i) Powders like caco3 tio2 carbon black granules etc.
ii) Granules
iii) Powder granule mix. etc.
e) Vibrator feeder; gravimetric
i) Powders liek caco3 tio2 carbon black/ granules / powder granule mix etx.
Last production was %78 caco3 +%22PE/PP; machine easly mixes and compounds such high amounts

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