For Sale - UM - 11242 - Farrel Bridge 4-Roll, Inclined 'Z' PVC Calender


Reference Number

UM - 11242


Farrel Bridge 4-Roll, Inclined 'Z' PVC Calender

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

- Extensively modified and up-graded controls and drives
- Width: 66" roll face
- Diameter: 27"
- Rolls are current polished to produce matt PVC finish
- Independent variable speed dc drive to each roll via solid state, ac to dc converter
- Feed via conveyor to roll 1 - 2 nip, with feed width control
- Pressurized hot water heating system via electrical or steam heated heat exchanger (max 180c)
- Independent, precise temperature control of each roll (heating and cooling)
- Cross axis control on roll 4 (roll 3 fixed)
- Hydraulic lock of bearing float rolls 3 and 4
- Speed range gearbox: 0 - 11m/min low speed, 0 - 50m/min high speed
- Control desk with digital speed control of line parameters: sheet strip, emboss pre-heat drum, chilled embossing roller, embosser strip and double bank cooling drum. Separate calender roll, pre-heat drum and cooling drum temperature controls
- Edge trim and off-cut wind up