For Sale - UM - 11696 - Bruckner 3 layer BOPP Line


Reference Number

UM - 11696


Bruckner 3 layer BOPP Line

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Line stopped in 01/01/2016



Product Details

Thickness:15–60 micron
Max net output 2,000 Kg/hr
Max mechanical speed: 278 m/min

Cascade main extrusion max output 2,400 kg/hr

Single screw Co-extruder: 250 kg/hr

Single screw Co-extruder: 250 kg/hr

FOK 4.4.4 Chain track system

Oil heated
Thickness gauge: Radiometrie Pm 147
Three Corona stations

1) the max capacity is 30 t/day.
Production's thickness is 12um

2) Min thickness can be produced is 10um

3) Width is 6.6m

4) the max TDO speed is 305 m/min

The Line was updated in 2008 & 2012, including the chill roll, the water removal system of the chill roll, the material feeding of the main extruder, the clip open and close system of the TDO, the electrical system of the stretch system, the slitter electrical system.