Required - UM - 11902 - Machine to Laminate 2 Layers of Nylon


Reference Number

UM - 11902


Machine to Laminate 2 Layers of Nylon


Auckland, New zealand

Product Details

Lamination machine with two plies of NN 150 (nylon) reinforcing fabric together.
Web width of 1050 mm.
Each nylon fabric ply is 420 + - 15 g /m2 and 0. 65 + - 0. 05 mm thick. We have been using EVA hot melt with shore hardness 85 A and 300% elongation at break, as the adhesive medium. We then wish to coat the laminated fabrics with more EVA or TPU (with the same shore hardness and elongation properties) to give the whole product a total combined thickness of 3 mm. Further this 1050 mm wide sheet is then to be slit into 150 mm wide strips and each strip then docked to 50 m long and rolled for transportation.
We are looking for a full turnkey solution. We are open to use either TPU or EVA however we are leaning away from TPU as the drying time and therefore processing speed is much slower than EVA.
We are hoping to produce the 1050 mm wide web at 3 mm thick at around 20 + - 5 m / min.