For Sale - UM - 11903 - Husky GL300 72 Cavities PET Preform


Reference Number

UM - 11903


Husky GL300 72 Cavities PET Preform

Year Of Manufacture



South America

Product Details

PET P100/120 E100
- 24, 8 g / 28 g neck PCO 1816 72 cav. N°244620, year 2002 (Husky cold half)
- 15, 6 g / 20, 6 g neck PCO1881 72 cav. N°474815 year 2008 (Husky cold Half)
(Coca Cola water and 600cc Coca Cola approved)
Cycle time is 17 seconds.
- Husky 72 cavities Hot Runner
- Dryer AEC 1250 W for 3 Tons
- Dehumidifier Munters model HCD600

Could also offer shipping and handling of the machine delivered at the port you indicate, let me know
Could also offer startup at the customers plant too by former Husky technicians

NOTE consider that only the 1881 mold cost in Canada around 600,000, another cold half cost is 400,000 and two core sets 40,000 each, you have 1,080,000 USD in molds.

Buyer will have to provide a chiller

Machine is ready to deliver, was disconnected first week of May 2016 because the owner received a new Hypet from Canada, you can visit the plant and check the production records and laboratory records of preforms produced.