For Sale - UM - 12006 - Protner/Synchropack Wet Wipe Converting Line


Reference Number

UM - 12006


Protner/Synchropack Wet Wipe Converting Line



Product Details

YOC: 2004
EL: 380/3/50
Wet wipe line for producing wipes in sizes 20 x 20 or 20 x 40 (folded), consisting of:
Semi-automatic unrolling station, revolving type, with preparation of always one roll ready for production.
Protner model Multi-new wet/moistening unit from 2004 including mixing station, pumps for feeding as well as return material.
Punching unit for different sizes
Packing unit for a capacity appr. 12,000 packs/day
Synchropack type 900 WP, version Termo-LTS-M1 from 2004 consisting of transport of wet wipes package appr. 6 meter, 2 units of de-roll of plastic cover for the wipes automatic change, punching unit for plastic opening spot, 2 positions for labeling (manual), Injection print for date application (Videojet series 170 i), wrapping of plastic cover and heating section for sealing of the package.
Transport band to manual box packing.
Capacity appr. 30 000 packs/day

Width: 1600mm
YOC: 2003
EL: 380/3/50
Complete line for manufacturing of adult size wet-wipes for geriatric/hospital use (simple modification can be done for baby wipes).
Capacity: 1200 packs / hour (60 wipes of 250 x 320 mm) or 2400 packs / hour (15 wipes of 250 x 320 mm).
Line consists of:
PROTNER wet-wipe unit
Coil unwinder with balancing cylinder to remove nonwoven fabric tensions, max ingoing roll width 1600 mm, roll length 2700 lm.
Weight of nonwoven fabric used from 40 gr to 70 gr with a mix of 70% viscose and 30% polyester.
Longitudinal cut of five bands of 320 mm wide each by 4 pneumatic shearing heads, Impregnation system with 2 pipes with small holes, one inside the other to regulate flow, 10 valves, manual operation, to feed homogeneously along the pipes. First stage; folding of the bands in Z-fold with 5 break detectors. Second stage; piling of the 5 bands folded through 15 rolls.
Transversal cut and stacking of wipes, electric cutter with frequency variator, it is possible to stack up to 8 units together, each unit of 5 wipes, that means 40 wipes ending with a control station.
SYNCHROPACK - Flow Pack System, type Pack 900 Window Pack, Thermo LTS - M1
Effect 12 Kw and 6 bar air pressure, 2 coil feeders of packing material to not stop, IMAGE encoder, blade to precut the window for opening, labeler, coupon of sealing, formator of package and longitudinal thermo sealing, thermo sealing of extremes, system verification.