Required - UM - 12042 - PVC Film Printer


Reference Number

UM - 12042


PVC Film Printer



Product Details

We are looking for both new and used
- PVC film printer for:
soft films (hardness 20-50 ShD)
semi-rigid films (hardness 50-75 ยบ ShD)
- Quantity of printing units: 5-7 (optionally more)
- Printing rollers/cylinders: (in the attachment our printing rollers)
- Printing speed: from 40 m/min up to 150 m/min depending on thickness and hardness of the film
- Printing width: up to 1600 mm
- Film thickness: 0,08 - 0,25 mm
- Weight of feeding roll: max 500-800 kg
- Weight of winding roll: max 500-800 kg
- Winding method: printed side inside roll
- Expansion shafts for winding and unwinding, for cardboard tubes: inner diameter of 76 mm
- Winder with running meters counter
- Double-station winder and unwinder (with proposed method of joining films)
- Automated cross cutting of film, without necessity of control by man.
- Noise below 82,5 dB
- For printing inks solvable in
Ethyl acetate
Viscosity of inks (17-30s - Ford viscosity cup no. 4)
1.Alternatively water-based printing inks
- Method of application of ink onto cylinder - preferred - chambered doctor blade system:
- Additional devices
Device for mechanic loading and unloading film rolls
Device for monitoring and correction of viscosity of inks
Automated monitoring and correction of repeating pattern
(optional) possibility of embossing the surface of film before winding
Correction of position of film roll during unwinding and winding.
(optional) cleansing of film before printing
(optional) corona treatment
(optional) print quality control device
- Equipment change time on single printing
unit - max 5 min (additional elements in amount in dependence of printing units quantity like: printing ink container)
- List of spare parts (impression rollers, doctor blades,ink feeding rolls etc. with drawings)
- Documentation included (lists), especially technical data, spare parts list, technical drawings, service history, maintenance manual, service instructions)
- Crew training instructions
- Media needed:
Installed electric power [kW]
Average electric power [kW]
Heat power installed
Average heat power
Heating source
Compressed air pressure
Cooling water usage (and parameters)
- Drying method (quantity of air emitted outside)
Effectiveness of ventilation (number of collectors and ventilators)
Concentration of solvents in air removed from printer
Emission of solvents from printing rolls and ink fountain [grams/hour]
Places of possible solvent emission
Does the printer has devices for lowering solvents emission during production and equipment for utilisation of solvents?
- Electric drives used, drive steering method, method of controlling of printer.
- Control cabinets size (does it requires separate room, if yes, what size of surface des it requires)
- Dimensions of machine, surface needed for installation (including service and manoeuvre surfaces)
- Warranty
- Warranty and post-warranty service
- Delivery time (from day of order - after agreeing upon all technical parameters)
- Payments terms
- Costs of:
aforementioned options
- Year of production, modernization, overhauls, renovations