For Sale - UM - 12144 - Automatic PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine


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UM - 12144


Automatic PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine



Product Details

PET bottle blow moulding machine A-3000-4 is an automatic two-step bottle stretch blowing machine. It has 3 cavities and the capacity range of the products is from 0.25 L to 2.2 L with productivity up to 4000 bottles (1.0L) in hour.
The manufactured containers widely used in producing carbonated drink bottle, spring water bottle, oil bottle, pharmaceutical bottle, cosmetic bottle.
The blowing machine is of the linear type for the production of PET containers by a double-stage process (from preform to bottle).
The production cycle is divided into the following stages:
- Preform loading from the feeding system to the loading wheel
- Step by step transport with internal grip of the preforms
- Preform heating
- Preform transfer to the distribution chains to the presses
- Step by step perform grip and transfer (with following pitch enlargement)
- In-line offloading of completed containers.

Technical characteristics
- Productivity (for 1.5 l ), bottles per hour: 4 000
- Number of mold cavities, pcs: 3
- Neck Range (diameter), mm: 28 (38)
- Maximum Container Diameter, mm: 105
- Maximum Container Height, mm: 350
- Capacity range of the Container, L: 0.25-2.2
- Preblow-up pressure*, up to, mPa: 1.6
- Main blow-up pressure*, up to, mPa: 4.0
- Control pressure, up to, mPa: 0,8
- Air consumption*, m3/min: 4.6
- Fluid flow rate, m3/hour: 0.8
- Installed power, kW: 19.2
- Power consumption, kW: 16
- Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH): 6100 x 2800 x 2200 (2500)
- Total weigth, kg: ~3500