Required - UM - 12344 - Vacuum Metallizer


Reference Number

UM - 12344


Vacuum Metallizer



Product Details

Process: PVD (Physical Vapor deposition) - Evaporation
Dual Pump
Two Door
Vertical (this is preferred)
Polycold Option
Minimum Chamber Dimension: 1800 (diameter) and 1780 (high)
Batch system (not inline)

Machine Base: Prefer Vertical Machine
Chamber Dia.: 1800 mm
Chamber Height: 1780 mm

Pumping Set
- Mechanical Pumps: 2 qty
Pumping Capacity: 630 m3/hr
Accessories: Water-cooled
- Roots (Blower) Pumps: 2 qty
Model numbers and type: WH 4400 Leybold Oerlikon
Pumping Capacity: 5600-7040 l/s
- Diffusion pump: 2 qty
Model numbers and type: Varian HS 20
Pumping Capacity(each): 17500 l/s
- Cryogenic pump: 1 qty
Model numbers and type: PFC1102 HC/MaxCool 4000H
Cryogenic coils; on top of diffusion pump; Yes
Cryogenic coils; in process chamber ; Yes

Foreline pressure valve: 2 x DN 160
Roughing Value: 1 x DN 160
Vent valve: 1 x DN 160
Hi Vac Valve: Depending on diffusion pump size

No.of jigs: 6 x Ø 540 & 8 x Ø 430
Usable length: 1500 mm

Pretreatment/ Plasma
Power supply 1 qty
Model number and type : AE PEII10k+LM 10k
Power: 10 kVA

Load Match: 1 qty
Model numbers and type: AE LM 10 kW
Medium Frequency Polymerizatio: Yes

Firing Transformer: 45 kW

Flow Controllers
HMDSO: MKS Type 1150 C
N2O: MKS Type 1179 A
Argon: MKS Type 1179 A

Post-Treatment (NOS): Yes
Add. Argon: Yes

Control System
PLC system: Industrial PC with touch screen and visualization
Ethernet (IP) Connection: Yes
Parameter values: Yes
Diagnostic: Yes
Alarms: Alarm history/description

Forline Vacuum gauge: 2 qty
Inficon PSG 500
Mechanical pump vacuum gauge: 2 qty
Inficon PSG 500
High Vacuum gauge: 1 qty
Pfeiffer IKR 251
Chamber Vacuum gauge: 1 qty
Inficon PSG 500-S
Roots Pump Vacuum Gauge: 2 qty
Inficon PSG 500
Polycold Trap / HMDS Tank: 2 qty
Inficon PSG 500

Background pressure chamber : 5 x 10-5 mbar

Electrical power system of plant: 480V. 60 Hz