For Sale - UM - 12394 - 41" Wide Welex Sheet Extrusion Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 12394


41" Wide Welex Sheet Extrusion Line



Product Details

3.5" Welex Extruder with 30/1 L/D vented and plugged barrel,
But includes 2 stage screw.
Has electrically heated water cooled system with water pump.
Extruder is driven by a 150 HP DC motor with SCR control,
Has Lufkin change gear gearbox,
Beringer screen changer with hydraulic pump, and Welex 56/56 melt pump with 20 HP motor, Extruder is equipped with a static mixer and co-extrusion block. has 55" centerline height.

18" X 41" Welex sheet extrusion stack model 18 X 41 RHSL. 480 Volt AC input.
Rolls are silent Chain driven and include motor, Temperature control pumping package, operator control panel and approx.
34" Flex Lip Die with choker bar and replaceable lower lip.
Has 1 ton Hoist for mobility of stack to and from extruder.