For Sale - UM - 12619 - Sorema PET And HDPE Recycling Lines


Reference Number

UM - 12619


Sorema PET And HDPE Recycling Lines

Present Condition




Product Details

1) Sorema PET Recycling line
- Processed 1800 T and condition is as new.
- Excellent line with complete backup from manufacturer.
- Complete with prewash, grinder, Turbo wash, batch washers, silos, sink tank, dryers, de-dusters bag off, metal out etc.

2) Compete HDPE recycling line.
- This line was installed in 2012 and comes with a new grinder and spare rotor and cutting chamber.
- line is available with bale breaking, magnets, conveyors, bottle storage bunkers, ballistic separators, transfer screws, NIR sorters, grinders, friction washers, float/sink tank, dryers, de-dusters, bagging off and complete compounding lines available.
- The machinery is ready for shipping