For Sale - UM - 12894 - Leybold Vacuum Metallizer 1250MM


Reference Number

UM - 12894


Leybold Vacuum Metallizer 1250MM

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Present Condition

Good Condition


Northern India

Product Details

Leybold Vacuum Metallizer (ROLL COATER) 1250MM
The Metallizer can run film 10-400 micron
Coating width max 1250mm
12 piece evaporation boats
Coating width min 385mm
Diameter unwind 450mm
Diameter rewind 450mm
Winding tension unwind 60-600 n
Winding tension rewind 60-600n
Coating drum
Cooling water pressure 4-6 bar temperature (inlet) min 20 o c max 25 o c
Cooling water consumption 15 m3 /h
Compressed air 6-7 bar consumption 1 m3 h
Mechanical pump 3
Roots blower 2
Diffusion pump D 1 30000
V1 TO V5 value for vaccum system
Knurling roll type wire feed 12
12 spools 5kgs al wire each
Low voltage high current transformers 12
Crucible control dimmer type 12
Vacuum Gauge (10 -3 to 10 -6 TORR)
High Vacuum side (10-3 to 10-6 TORR)
Low Vaccum side (10+3 to 10-3 TORR)

The Following Accessories included

2 Piece Winding shafts diameter 76mm
2 Piece Water cooled Shielding each one for 6 evaporation boats
1 Piece electrical hoist (with structural steelwork) for loading/unloading of the material.
1 piece transport to carry the roll
4 pumps extra along with machine