For Sale - UM - 12895 - Leybold Vacuum Metallizer 1650MM


Reference Number

UM - 12895


Leybold Vacuum Metallizer 1650MM

Year Of Manufacture



Northern India

Product Details

Leybold Vacuum Metallizer 1650MM
The Metallizer can run film 8-500 micron
Coating width max 1650mm
15 piece evaporation boats
Coating width min 600mm
Diameter unwind 1000mm
Diameter rewind 1000mm
Winding tension unwind 60-600 n
Winding tension rewind 60-600n
Web speed 1-8 m/s
Decelerations 15 seconds
Coating drum 400mm diameter
Cooling water pressure 4-6 bar temperature (inlet) min 20 o c max 25 o c
Cooling water consumption 15 m3 /h
Compressed air 6-7 bar consumption 1 m3 h

400 V/50 HZ
Connected load 380 KVA

The Following Accessories included

2 Piece Winding shafts diameter 150mm
2 Piece Winding shafts diameter 76mm
2 Piece Water cooled Shielding each one for 7& 8 evaporation boats
1 Piece electrical hoist (with structural steelwork) for loading/unloading of the material.