For Sale - UM - 12983 - Comexi 8 colour Gearless CI Printing Press


Reference Number

UM - 12983


Comexi 8 colour Gearless CI Printing Press

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Maximum web width: 1270mm
Maximum print width: 1220mm
Print repeat range 310-1200mm
Unwind and rewind diameter 1000mm flying splice
Gas drying
Enclosed chamber doctor blades
BST edge guide
Siemens touch screen
Operator control pads
AVT Genesis video inspection system
Inline slitting
Inelme auto viscosity system
Washing system
Twinlock printing sleeves:
440mm x 2h + 8t, 530mm x 16t, 550mm x 16t, 580mm x 8t, 680mm x 8t,
690mm x 15t, 725mm x 8t, 750mm x 16t, 770mm x 8t, 800mm x 8t, 830mm x 8t,
850mm x 8t, 890mm x 8t, 920mm x 16t, 970mm x 8t, 1020mm x 8t, 1050mm x 16t,
1060mm x 8t, 1090mm x 16t, 1180mm x 8t, 420mm x 8t
Mandrel size: 213.283, 276.796, 324.542
Anilox rollers / volume: total 15
2 x 5.5v vignette
3 x 10v uniflex line
3 x 10.8v deep line
5 x 4v uniflex tone
1 x 3.7v tone
1 x 13v deep line