For Sale - UM - 13109 - Bielloni 8 Colours Flexographic Printing Machine


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UM - 13109


Bielloni 8 Colours Flexographic Printing Machine

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Working Good Condition



Product Details

Model / Type- TONA 8
Machine No. -UZ 5114 Origin
Italiy Status -in production
No. of Impressions-200,000,000
No. of Colours- 8 Colors
Tension- 380 V
Length of the machine - ~ 14 m
Width of the machine- ~ 4 m
Maximum Width (print)- 1100 mm
Maximum Width (material)- 1300 mm
Minimal Width (print)-200 mm BIOPP / 400 mm PEBD 50 u
Cliche-1.7 mm
Thickness min 12 mic
Thickness max- 120 mic
Adhesive tape both sides-0.38 mm
Productivity (average)-90 m/min
Printing lines max.-100 lin/in
Additional available are a large number of Cylinders, Rollers and 8 closed cases for inks!