For Sale - UM - 13378 - Amplas Servo Bottom Weld Bag Machine


Reference Number

UM - 13378


Amplas Servo Bottom Weld Bag Machine

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Present Condition

Good condition.



Product Details

Model: M1425S
Web width: 1400mm.
Draw length: 20 – 2600mm.
It comes with driven surface unwind, photocell and hole perfs, plus the pin stacking system and indexing delivery table.
Complete with :
-Driven surface unwind.
-E-trac AC Inverter drive for unwind.
-Rear nip roller and compensator section.
-AC Inverter on secondary nip unit.
-Static eliminator bars.
-Digital screen control system.
-Amplas servo drive system for web.
-Bottom weld sealing head with flying knife.
-Pin stacking system.
-Interlocked side guards.
-Indexing delivery table.