Required - UM - 13427 - Farrel FCM9 Compounding Plant


Reference Number

UM - 13427


Farrel FCM9 Compounding Plant



Product Details

Capacity 70,000,000 Lbs. /year,
Was producing 7,800 pounds /hour average
30 HP resin unloading system
Misc material hoppers, dust collectors, turbo blowers
5000 lb capacity main feed hopper with receiver
Farrel Model #9 FCM with 500 HP DC motor and SCR Drive
(Two spare 500 HP DC motors, one unused spare gearbox,
Two sets of spare rotors, one spare barrel)
TPE 10” dump extruder with 400 HP motor and controls New 1997
(One spare 400 HP AC motor, one spare unused screw)
Gala pelletizing system model 7D New 1996 with 280 gpm
Tempered water recirculation system and model 4.6 PDV
Centrifugal dryer.
Gala model FRS 260 filtration system
High capacity 2-seperation vibratory classifying screen
Pellet conveying 50 HP pneumatic system