Required - UM - 13777 - Fiber Production Machine


Reference Number

UM - 13777


Fiber Production Machine


Czech Republic

Product Details

Machine for fiber production (new or old).
I am interested in very small (laboratory) line for staple fibers.
Spinning pilot line Polymer: PET.
PET in bottle flakes.
Dosing gravimetric:
polymer, color, TiO2 ( Granules 97%.Second dosing (color, TiO2) 3%)
Extruder : 1x twin screw + pump + Filter .
Spinning block : circa 3,3dtex and 6,7 dtex .
Geometry - standard Drawing section.
Speed isnĀ“t the point .
Softness Number of capillaries .
Optimal number for small bobin .
Production capacity is about 5kg / hour.