For Sale - UM - 16134 - Rigid PVC Profile Plant


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UM - 16134


Rigid PVC Profile Plant

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In good working conditions



Product Details

A) Rigid PVC & profile plant with 65mm diameter Extruder (Single
1) Production:15 to 50 kgs/hr. depending on polymer grade thickness
& dia of pipe & profile processing parameters

2) Power
* Installed: 45 kw
* Average Consumption: 35 kw

3) Space: Approx. 3 mtr. (w) x 12 mtr (l) floor area

Machinery specification:
* Extruder size: 1 No.
* Size: 65 mm dia L/D = 24:1.
* Screw speed: 8 to 75 RPM
* Drive: 11.2 kw; 1500 RPM; AC motor & AC control panel make delta
with suitable helical gear box; make Mayuresh.

5) No. of heating zone: 3 nos. for barrel 1 No. for flange & adapter

6) Heating load: 1.5 kw by electrical resistance type ceramic heaters
with perforated sheet for barrel

7) Barrel cooling: Each zone is fitted with an air blower driven by
0.37kw AC motor

8) Other features: Screw made of nitride alloy steel ground & hard
chrome plated. Nitralloy, nitride & honed barrel. Frame made of
sturdy structural steel. Welded construction

9) Vacuum sizing unit: 1No. 10” x 72” full length. S.S tank chamber size
10” x 10” fitting moving stand with vacuum & cooling supply. A
Vacuum pump driven by 3hp AC motor is provided.

10) Haul off: 1No.
100mm width endless belt type; 0.75kw ac motor drive lower belt.
Upper belt is manually adjustment
guide roller is fitted at the entry haul off.

11) Cutting unit: 1no.
A circular saw cutter driven by 0.75kw . AC motor is fitted. Circular
saw is fed manually by a handle & slided on bearing guide ways

12) Control panel Motor control: 1No. comprising of AC drive controller.
Make Delta main extrude motor & haul off; AC driven controller

Temperature control No. of control zones: 4 zones
2 Nos. for extruder barrel,
One no. for flange & adapter with one point controller
One no. for die head with two point controller
Necessary switches, meters & indicator lamps

B. Specification of High speed compounding Mixer

Capacity: 135lts. (45kgs./ batch of pvc + fillers)
Blades: 2 sets, specially for mixing pvc
Motor: 20hp AC motor single speed
Bearing housing: Water cooled
Vessel: Double- walled jacketed. Outer vessel made of thick M.S. plate & inner of S.S. steel.
Vessel bottom & top lid are dish end type
Inlet & outlet coupling provided for passage of
water through the jacket
Top lid & discharge chute is manually opened

Frame: Entire frame with motor is mounted on sturdy fabricated structural steel sections

Production: 5 to 6 per hour depending on type grade & quality of PVC & fillers & operating conditions

C. Specification of Casing caping & Rigid pvc die

1) Casing caping double die head set, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”
Material OHNS with hard chrome
plating with heater

2)Rigid PVC pipe die head set 20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm,
5sizes pin (light+Medium+Heavy bush)
& Vacum sizer, Material SS410 with heater
Housing : 1
Adapter: 1
Spider: 1
Clamping ring: 1
Pin: 15
Bush: 5
Vacuum sizer: 5

D. Specification of PVC scrap grinder

PVC scrap grinder 12” bend M.S. fabricated body heavy with
7.5hp motor

E. Specification of Cooling tower, storage tray, electronic weighing machine

Particulars Qty.
Cooling tower 1
Storage Tray 2
Electronic weighing 1
Machine(1gm to 5kg.)
Electronic weighing 1
Machine (10gm to 100kg.)