For Sale - UM - 16173 - 65 Mm Shubham Extrusion Plant


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UM - 16173


65 Mm Shubham Extrusion Plant

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Product Details

Length:-1200 mm
Screw barrel is 65 mm ,
Nu Vu conair hooper loader,
7.5 tonn chillar make of Nu Vu Conair,
Arshad corona treater,
4 air shaft make of resources borada.

Slitting machine 1000mm included
Web linear with 3 hp blower to
vacuume triming.make of C.Trivedi Ahemdabad.

Side Sealing machine 27" make of Shree Baba machines.(2015)
included web folder machine.

Bottom Sealing machine 32" width (2016)
double dacker.

Dollplast make egglow machine with 30 hp moter
in plant all mothers and drive are abb make