Required - UM - 1632 - Pipe and Profile Plants - Old and Unreconditioned


Reference Number

UM - 1632


Pipe and Profile Plants - Old and Unreconditioned



Product Details

We are interested in 2nd hand twin screw extruders. We purchase old extruders of the type similar to (CM-80, BT-80, Refeinhauser 80, Refeinhauser BT-130, WeberDS-60, Rehindsland-60mm extruders),
haul offs, old barrels and screws, mixers etc. We buy all equipment for manufacturing pipes in as it is condition.

* Twin Screw Extruder type : Conical and Parallel type screw/ barrel extruders
* Year of Manufacturing : 1970 to 1995
* Make : German, Spain, Italy, French (Cincinnati, RefeinHausar, Kruass Maffai, IDE, Batten field, Milano, Rollepall, Wavin, Thyson, Bandera, Busano etc brand are acceptable.
* Extruder sizes required: Screw size 80mm to 125mm conical or parallel both required.
* Only screw / barrel are also required.
* Haul off units/ take ups: Caterpiller type, 3 side / belt, 4, 6, 8 side / belt / way Haul offs are required.