For Sale - UM - 16383 - Dolci 1 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 16383


Dolci 1 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Machine

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Material LDPE
Film Width: 1600 mm
Extruder 1 Layer ref: Dolci
Screw diam: 70 L / D 30
Description: dosing unit, manual screen changer
Head description: Rotating head with cooling ring, fan and IBC
Die diam: 300 mm
Take off unit: fixed, 1600 mm
Corona treatment: included
Web guide: included
Rewinder description:automatic double rewinder, 1600 mm, equipped with longitudinal and side slit system

Additional information:
The present supply includes a regranulator brand Exact.