For Sale - UM - 16415 - DIKEY 3 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Line


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UM - 16415


DIKEY 3 Layer Blown Film Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Materials : LLDPE / LDPE / HDPE / PP / Borstar / Matalocen / Borcene / recyling
Films: General Purpose Packaging Films, Shrinkable Films,
Lamination Films, Black / White Colored Films, Films for Bag, Printed and Non, Printed films
Extruders: 2 x 55 mm, L/D:1:30
1 x 65 MM L/D.1:28
Die Dimensions (Head): 3 layer Squiral Mandreal Big Body Die
Die Diameter 350 mm
Die Gap 2,2 mm
IBC inner bubble cooling System
Machine Production Capacity (kg/) : 280 kg/h
Actual production can be changed according to raw material type and quality, formulation ratio, operator skill and capability, cooling and envirionmental conditions
Cooling Ring: DIKEY Brand high efficiency , dual-lip airring
Take-Off : 1800 mm, horizontal Rotational Take off unit
Winders: 1800 mm, BACK TO BACK dual winders
Line speed 120 m/min
Roll diameter max 800 mm
Film width 1700 mm
Contact/Surface type winding
3 inç air-expanding shaft
Roll unloading system

Raw Material suction, loading and dosing systems (PARS /TURKEY)
Computerized gr/m2 line speed and kgh throughput Control system with integrated supervisory computer (Allen Bradley)
Corona Treater ( Enerkon Turkey)
Web Guide Control with automatic sensor position
3 inç air-expanding shaft
Tower Height 12 metre
Touch Screen Machine Operator Panels
All Automation systems renovated in 2018
Overall die cleaning and chroming completed in 2018