Required - UM - 16475 - Flat Bottom Pouch Machine


Reference Number

UM - 16475


Flat Bottom Pouch Machine



Product Details

We are looking for,
Machine Type: Quad Seal, Flat Bottom Pouch Machine
Material Type: Laminated Film As; LDPE, CPP, MCPP, AL, NYLON, PP etc Thickness of the Material: 70~180 um
Web Max Size : Body Film: Max 1300 mm; Side Gusset: Max 400 mm
Web Path Max of the Machine : Max 680 mm
Max Diameter of the Roll: Max: 800 mm, Side Gusset Max 800 mm
Core Diameter: 3'' (inch) 7.
Width of Max Pouch: Max 650 mm-L, Mini mum 180 mm Conditions: 1-up FB Pouch Max 600 mm-L(Bottom folded) 1-up FB Pouch Max 650 mm-L(Bottom Registered Inserted) 2-up FB Pouch Max 275 mm-L(Bottom folded) 2-up FB Pouch Max 300 mm-L(Bottom Registered Inserted) (Included Zipper and Non-Zipper)
Length of Max Pouch: Max 420 mm,Minimum 100 mm (No Skip Function) Maximum and Minimum Size for bottom Gusset: Max=150 mm,Min=50 mm
Accuracy of Eye Mark: =±1.5 mm 10.
Machine Speed: Max Mechanical Speed: Flat-bottom Pouch: 35~100 Cuts/min Material Speed: 45 Meters/min Conditions: Side Gusset Length =185 mm Speed 25-90 Cycles/min Side Gusset Length =270 mm Speed 25-70 Cycles/min Side Gusset Length =400 mm Speed 25-70 Cycles/min