For Sale - UM - 16513 - Schiavi 8 Colors CI Flexo Gearless Printing Press


Reference Numbers

UM - 16513


Schiavi 8 Colors CI Flexo Gearless Printing Press

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Product Details

Print possibilities: 8 col plus varnish
Fast sleeve change: Yes
Web width: 1270 mm
Print width:1220 mm
Max reel diameter unwinder : 800 mm
Rewinder type: TURRET
Drying: 2 Zone drying: drying tunnel and inte-r colour, intependent ventilation and temperature setting. 4 fans, 2 gas burners
Video camera: ELTROMAT video camera for printed side. second inspection system for varnish
Corona treatment: Sherman. Not complete and need repair
Web guides: 2x BST
Inking system: Closed chambers doctor blades system . Chambers changed in 2014
Anilox: 12
Print Sleeves: 16x320, 15x330, 13x340, 16x345, 14x350, 12x360, 12x370, 9x380, 8x390, 12x400, 13x410, 15x420, 11x430, 13x440, 10x450, 15x460, 13x470, 16x480, 6x490, 8x500, 7x510, 24x520, 16x530, 11x540, 12x550, 10x560, 7x570, 8x580, 15x590, 11x600, 8x610, 8x620, 8x630, 8x640, 16x650

Additional information: In line in register varnishing system