For Sale - UM - 16568 - Elite Cameron T1000 Duplex Slitter Rewinder


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UM - 16568


Elite Cameron T1000 Duplex Slitter Rewinder

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In perfect good working condition.



Product Details

Material to cut: Tapes and rolls of PE, PP, paper.
Material thickness from 35 – 200 g
Cutting type (razor/rotary): Razor blade cut. Dienes knife holders.
Number of cutting knives: 54 pcs
Min. cutting width: 22 mm
Type of un-winder: Shaftless, adjustable in width
Max roll diameter: 1100 mm
Max roll width: 1700 mm
Max roll weight: 1500 kg

Type of winder: Automatic; double station with differential shafts.
Contact winder
Max winding width: 1700 mm / 1610 mm
Max roll diameter: 500 mm
Max working speed: Up to 400 m/min
Paper core diameter(s): 76 mm; 84 mm; 150 mm

Other information:
PLC control, Siemens S7-400
Edge trim winder
Antistatic bars
Duplex turret
Automation tension control
Laser marking
Roll pick-up from floor
Automatic roll change
Safety light barrier
Mounting table
Roll extractor unit