For Sale - UM - 16700 - Ashe Diamond Slitter Rewinder


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UM - 16700


Ashe Diamond Slitter Rewinder

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Product Details

Slitter rewinder for films, papers and other substrates
Max. web width 1300 mm
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm (shaftless floor pickup type) Unwind with chuck for 3 and 6 inch cores.
Number of rewinding shafts/stations 600 mm
Duplex machine with full width differential ball lock collars @25mm widths
Max. mechanical speed 500 m/min
Automatically lowering razor knives (5x total)
Shear slitting possible
Unwind type Shaftless
Razor or rotary shear slitting Razor
Rewind type Slitter* Double shaft

Vacuum drum nip system or ‘hug drum’ for difficult materials
Touch screen operator panel with job saving
Lasers on rail for core positioning (6x total)
Edge trim fan
Omron laser safety barrier for rewind and operator areas
Light barrier for unwind section
Ashe DG100 edge guide