For Sale - UM - 1874 - Schiavi Sirio 1250mm CI Press


Reference Number

UM - 1874


Schiavi Sirio 1250mm CI Press

Product Details

- Schiavi Sirio 146 1250mm web width films press speed 250m/min
- Turret unwinds and rewind 76/152mm shafts
- 6 ink pumps
- Anilox rollers
- Gas drying on both bridge and CI sections
- Conditioning unit for CI drum and chill rollers
- 6 mandrels (This press is a sleeved press but not gear less) There are no sleeves to go with the press or change size gears as these are to be used on the other machine which is still in production. Schiavi will be able to quote for these one they know the repeat sizes required.

The machine was running until the day it was dismantled confirmed by customer.

It is in reasonable mechanical condition.

It is now assembled in the warehouse close to Heathrow.