For Sale - UM - 1903 - 132 LB Banbury Mixer


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UM - 1903


132 LB Banbury Mixer

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Product Details

Used Farrell banbury model F80 unidrive intensive mixer. Unit mixing chamber has an 80 liter net volume capacity and is rated at approximately 132 pounds (60 kgs) batch. Chamber has 4-wing rotor, FYH dust stops, roller bearings, and 18"OD floating weight ram with 16" cylinder and 12" neck extension. Driven by a 400 HP DC motor, 1150/1500 RPM with GE 400 HP, 460 volt, 515 AMP SCR, through a Lufkin gear reducer with 98.5 RPM output. Gear reduction 11.666/1, gearbox catalogue rating 700 HP, service rating 400 HP @ 1150 RPM input. Includes lube system, hydraulic pump system, temperature control, and Allen Bradley 1000 microprocessor control.