Required - UM - 2383 - Heater Mixer Cooler for RPVC blends


Reference Number

UM - 2383


Heater Mixer Cooler for RPVC blends



Product Details

We are a leading PVC pipe producer and need a heater mixer cooler as follows

1)Polymer to be used:- PVC (Resin + Calcium carbonate + Stabilizer )
All in powder form.
2)High speed Heater Mixer:- Double wall jacketed ,Inside vessel:- S.S
-Capacity in lits:- Min:- 1000 liter, max:- 1500 liter
-Tool Speed :- 700 -1000 RPM.
-No .of discharge valve –one
3) Cooler:- Double wall jacketed
-Inside :- S.S.
-Cooling ring provision inside the vessel for cooling.
-Capacity :- 3000- 4000 lit.
-Tool speed :- 60 -100 Rpm.
-No of discharge valve.---min :- 2nos.

Application of dry blend :- Used for manufacturing RPVC Pipes

i)AC variable drive for heater mixer motor
ii)Two speed motor /AC variable drive for cooler mixer motor .
iii)Complete panel for manual /semi-auto/auto operation of the mixer

-Qty:- Min:-1, Max:- 2nos.