For Sale - UM - 2841 - Rocheleau Reciprocating Screw Blow Moulder


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UM - 2841


Rocheleau Reciprocating Screw Blow Moulder

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Model: R-4
The Rocheleau model R-4 Blow Molder is best characterized by it's versatility. The R-4 utilizes a 1,500" diameter (38 mm), 24/1 ratio (L/D) feed screw. The reciprocating screw design of a blow molders have fewer moving parts than continuous extrusion machines, thus simplifying setups and reducing maintenance cost. The rapid parison drop rate is very advantageous for thin wall containers, typical in dairy/juice bottle applications. Wide mouth containers can be made with automated secondary spin trim systems at a much lower cost than comparable continuous extrusion machines. The R-4 is equally well suited to smaller industrial / toy / medical parts.

A variety of multi-parison die heads, with options such as parison programming and ram-down or pull-up impact neck finishing, add to the capabilities of the R-4. Single cavity systems can produce articles up to lightweight 1-gallon bottles, dual cavity systems are suitable for articles up to 1-quart size, three cavity systems are quoted up to 16-ounce size.

The solid state PLC electronics provide dependable, user-friendly access to machine controls, with file storage for multiple job setups. Controls can be easily modified to allow for special functions such as needle blow, dual pressure blow controls, bottom blow, core pull mold action, etc.

R-4 specifications:
Screw mechanism:
- 1,500" (38 mm) diameter, 24/1 L/D ratio reciprocating screw
- Bi-metallic barrel
- Hydraulic motor screw drive, variable 0-175 rpm
- 70 lbs/hour (32 kg) HDPE output
- 225 gram full shot capacity, HDPE
- 75 lb (34 kg) hopper capacity
- 3.25" x 8" stroke injection cylinder

Clamp mechanism:
- 2.5" bore x 10" stroke hydraulic cylinder, 5 tons force
- 6" minimum platen opening, 20" maximum platen opening
- 10" x 10" (L x W) usable platen area
- T-square arrangement for rapid mold installation

- 19 GPM variable volume, pressure compensated piston group
- Manifold mounted directional valves and flow controls
- 35 gallon reservoir capacity, with level/temp safety switch
- Spin-on filter element with indicator gage

- 25 HP, 1800 rpm, 220/440 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz motor
- 220 volt heater bands, 9.5 KW heater load, single head
- 2 zone extruder temperature controls, fan cooling
- Individual die head temperature controls, variac nozzle controls
- 88 full load amps at 220 volts, approx. 60 running amps
- Solid state programmable controller
- Solid state touchpad data access unit

- 3,100 pounds net weight
- 3 to 5 tons chilled water required, molds and machine
- 3 CFM at 100 PSI compressed air required

Other standard equipment:
- Main line coalescent air filter
- Manifold mounted air valves
- Quick exhaust valve on blow line
- Mold safety bottle jam protection
- Screw safety timer
- RPM indicator for screw speed
- 16 station water manifold
- Hopper magnet
- Machine mounting pads
- Fully guarded with electrical interlock for operator safety

Optional equipment:
- 1, 2 or 3 parison die heads
- Bottom blow attachment
- Parison programming
- Ram-down or Pull-up top finish unit
- Dual pressure blow
- Special extruder feed screws for engineering resins
- Automation for spin trimming and handle deflashing
- Proportional valve hydraulics

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