For Sale - UM - 349 - Cast Film Co-extrusion Line - DALTON


Reference Number

UM - 349


Cast Film Co-extrusion Line - DALTON

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Width(max):2085 mm
Layers: 3
Screw diameters:155 mm
L/D ratio:24:1

Other specs:

Gearbox ratio 14.4, 300 HP Black Clawson extruder 5 zone water cooled with ASR Crammer.

Gearbox ratio 15.3, 150 HP, 6 zone water cooled extruder.

Gearbox ratio 100HP Black Clawson extruder, 4 zone water cooled.

Plate out roll;Air Knife Assy;2 bar, one side treater apoxy covered roll, 15kW, Single turret oscillating winder;Wind in reverse direction only, 3" & 6" winding bars.

Max web 70", max production 60", min. production 36", max roll diam. 22.5".

Roll cooling IDM Controls Power Master with AC;Line Speed 250 - 1150 fpm.

Dismantled and in storage.Manufactured in 1980 with updates.