For Sale - UM - 3654 - FMC (Hudson-Sharp) Wicket Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 3654


FMC (Hudson-Sharp) Wicket Machine



Product Details

Model: 106W
The machine is completely renewed, upgraded and retrofitted with 3 servo-motors:
- One motor for sealing head
- One motor for front draw rollers
- One motor for rear draw rollers

- Max. working material width 1000 mm
- Max. draw length 390 mm
- The machine is equipped with computer and touch screen with very friendly software
- Possibility to adjust the tension of material between front and rear draw rollers

The machine includes:
1. Driven unwind stand, width 2000 mm
- Max. reel diameter: 1000 mm
- Motorized edge guide included
2. Folding triangle motorized, equipped with bottom gusset
3. Main machine equipped with:
- Hole punchers for wicket - 2 sets
- Side-weld head
- 3 sets of 6 collecting wicket arms (important for long bags)
- Vacuum pump

Machine can run till 250 bags/min (depends on material quality), can be seen running.

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