For Sale - UM - 3781 - Machinenfabrik Johan Fischer Blow Moulding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 3781


Machinenfabrik Johan Fischer Blow Moulding Machine

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Product Details

Machinenfabrik Johan Fischer FHB20 Blow Moulding Line comprising:
- Blackfriars 40/40 Regranulator Machine, with feed chute, integral fan and ducting to hopper feed, 2003
- Steel fabricated Hopper, with cyclone hopper and piping to blend unit
- Maguire WSB-140 Blend Unit, with 3 hopper loaders, Maguire weigh scale blender, rotating valve, hopper and piping to machine, 2003
- Moretto V3S50 Suction Unit 2003
- Moretto Suction Unit
- Moretto Hopper Loader (on machine)
- FHB20 Blow Moulding Machine 1975

Ancillary Plant to Fischer FHB20 Line comprising:
- Horizontal open top Drum Trimmer
- Pneumatic Lid Press
- Bung Heating Unit

Shredding and Granulating Line comprising:
- Dragon DS80- 18.5KW Shredding Machine, 2006
- Part horizontal, part inclined plastic belt flight Conveyor
- Rapid Regranulator, with feed chute
- Fan and ducting to steel framed bag filler, with cyclone hopper
- PCE Drum Bunging Unit Drum Test Unit
- Troldahl Drum Freezer
- Rapid GK8045-KU Regranulator, 1986
- Regranulator
- PCE 3-station Stack Tester, 1996