Required - UM - 4118 - 100 to 1000 ton Injection Moulding Machines


Reference Number

UM - 4118


100 to 1000 ton Injection Moulding Machines


Delhi, India

Product Details

We are a leading custom molder and Tier I supplier to the automotive industry
We need injection molding machines to process engineering polymers and glass filled materials such as PP GF, PA GF, ABS FR, PC+PBT, PC ABS

- Machines are required with the following tonnage: 100 ton, 400 ton, 650 ton, 850 ton, 1000 ton
- We can consider machines upto 1998 if they are in good condition
- Brands: Arburg, Niigata, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Engel, Krauss Maffei, Netstal, Hitachi or other reputed brand

Our preferences are as follows (not essential)
- Bimetallic Screw
- Vented Barrel
- Electric or Hybrid machines

We need the following
- Hydro Mechanical Clamping
- Variable delivery pump in case of hydraulic machine
- Fly dosing system
- Fly ejection
- Nozzle shut off valve

Please provide information on
- Tie bar distance
- Day Light
- Minimum Mold Height
- Shot Size
- Throughput
- Controller Model
- Connected Load