Required - UM - 4331 - 63 to 70 mm Compounding Extruder Line


Reference Number

UM - 4331


63 to 70 mm Compounding Extruder Line



Product Details

We are looking for a compounding extruder line with the following specifications:
- 63 to 70 mm twin screw, co-rotating, ~600 rpm, general purpose type screw design.
- Motor control panel with a control package
- L/D ~36:1; looking to take our compound to 280-350 F and then cool down at the die head.
- A standard die head for strands; water bath, prefer deep so we can have dual pass if needed
- Air knife to dry off the strands.
- Prefer a Gala, 1000 kgs/hr or a Conair Pelletizer will do.
- Screening table to remove fines and over size units.