For Sale - UM - 4585 - 1550 mm Battenfeld Heidelberg PVC Calender Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 4585


1550 mm Battenfeld Heidelberg PVC Calender Line

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

The machine has been stopped, but can be viewed under production.



Product Details

- Battenfeld planetary cascade extruder model ZSE 170/250 5D. 135 KW primary extruder motor, 80 KW dump extruder motor. Oil heated barrel in 4 zones. Updated oil heating stations (GWK) in 1998. 20 hole (10 mm holes) Battenfeld inclined die head.
- 1550 mm wide Kraftonlagen Heidelberg 3 roll calender. 550 mm diameter rolls, inclined configuration. 6 x Oil heating stations for calender rolls and annealing rolls. Each with its own pump and heat exchanger. One spare calendering roll. Cross axis roll configuration with high pressure hydraulic nip. Rolls driven by 26 KW individual motors with Siemens Simoreg DC drives.
- Max. width: 1350 mm; min. width: about 700 mm
- Removable oil heated embossing station for Satex roll finish.
- 7 x 1500 mm wide additional cooling and annealing rolls.
- Lightbox station for foil checking
- Isotope continuous scanner
- 3 head edge trim cutting and centre slitting with pneumatically actuated disc cutters. Edge trim granulator mounted beneath the winder
- 1500 mm wide haul off with Simoreg DC control
- Dual station turret winder with max roll diameter 1200mm. Autosplice option
- Line speed from 3-30m/min. Air shafts
- Max thickness run is about 800 micron and minimum is about 80 micron, although the line could run both thinner and thicker.
- Output: 600 kg/hr.
- Excellent installation. Total line footprint approx 11m wide x 25m long.
- Can be seen running upon payment of a deposit.
- It is possible to make a test run with material.
- This machine stopped about 2 years ago.
- The machine has been overhauled in stages over the years. The planetary extruder has had replacement screws.

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