For Sale - UM - 4724 - Plama Print Digital Printing Machine


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UM - 4724


Plama Print Digital Printing Machine

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Machine has run less than 100 hours. Machine needs minor repairs



Product Details

Model: Digitron 913/Applitron 500
- Digitron 913 (C-M-Y-K colour range)
- Resolution: 600*1600dpi
- Printing colours:C-M-Y-K
- Control: Siemens S 7 200
- Max printing speed: 65mm/s
- Max printing height: 300mm
- Max operating temp: 30c
- Min operating temp: 15c
- Max power consumption: 6Kw
- Max.air pressure: 6bar
- Max.luftdruck: 6bar

Applitron 500:
- Speed: 7images/min.
- Min.dia:155mm
- Max dia: 320mm
- Min height: 150mm
- Max height: 325mm
- Max printing height: 250mm
- Max printing length: 900mm
- Max power consum: 8kw

- Printing machine includes developer system and the transfer system.

Basic principle is as follows:
- Image to be printed, in high resolution PDF format, is loaded into the machine.
- Image developing unit works like a colour photo copier and the image is transferred to - silicon coated paper in a roll form
- The silicon coated paper is loaded on to image transfer mechanism and the image is pressed onto the flame treated pail or any round object.

- The object to be printed should be cyclindrical. Printing quality is at its best if the base colour of the object is white or Natural colour

Consumables required:
- Silicon coated paper:film
- Image transfer belt:one for each colour CYMK
- Toner(ink):one for each colour CYMK
- Gas for flame treatment.

The advantage of this machine:
- Flexibility to use any size of product
- Ease of changeover from one design of printing to another
- Prospect of giving batch number product by product. For example, each product can be marked with a serial number for traceability or in any manner that is required by the customer.
- High glossy photo, image can be printed

- Machine is suitable for printing upto 20 liter pails and drums

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