Required - UM - 5584 - 2500 Ton Injection Moulding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 5584


2500 Ton Injection Moulding Machine

Present Condition

In running condition


Haryana, India

Product Details

We are looking for 2500 ton used injection moulding machine as follows:

- Shot size: 470 oz. to 176 oz.
- Tie bar spacing: 78.74" x 63"
- Daylight: 149.6"
- Clamp Stroke: 118"
- Mold Thickness: 31.5"/70.9"

Equipped With:
- ERC robot interface
- Injection unit #1 - w/2 cylinders in short
- Design, direct drive of screw, specific
- Injection pressure switchover, barrel removal to the top, for processing of thermoplastics regulated traverse cooling
- Injection - w/2 cylinders in short design, direct drive of screw, specific injection pressure switchover, barrel in bi- metallic execution M3, higher abrasion and corrosion resistant, working range up to 350 degrees C
- Plasticizing unit w/connectors for quick change
- Clamping Unit - Fully hydromancy, 2-platen exec.
- Core Pull
- Pressure release for all cores pulls on both fixed and moving platens
- Automatic tie bar pulling device on operator side
- Hydraulic high-speed mold mounting system
- Special mold height configuration
- CC200 A01 control
- Program coining in special execution (for injection 23050H) serial & parallel w/function rotating intermediate plate
- Interface RS485 for devices w/SPI protocol version 3 for max. 11 devices
- Coining expert
- 4 Sta. rotating intermediate plate mounted horizontally between tie bars: 70.87" diameter notary platen ten.
Acceptable age: -6 years old
Capable of making plastic injection bumpers for cars.
- These may vary from machine maker to machine maker