For Sale - UM - 6198 - Bekum 1 liter Double Station Blow Moulder


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UM - 6198


Bekum 1 liter Double Station Blow Moulder

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Bekum model H-51 blow moulding machine, double station, suitable up to 1 liters for PE/PP, completely reformed, including:
- Extruder screw of 50 mm with L/D 20 for PE/PP.
- PLC with temperature control and diagnostic for parameter of production.
- Extrusion head "without head"
- Mould height max: 300mm
- Mould width max: 150mm
- Mould depth max: 2x 80mm
- Daylight: 170 mm
- Clamp force: 20 KN
- Dry cycle: 1.9 s

New extrusion head made by Bemaq model: 2BPE-30/60, die head 30mm and Centerline distance of 60mm, for HDPE/PP