For Sale - UM - 6416 - Solar T60 Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant


Reference Number

UM - 6416


Solar T60 Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant



Product Details

Model: 4950 KW 6300V 50HZ
- The gas turbine engine, gearbox and alternator went through a major overhaul in 2008 and plant was shut down in 2009.
- Plant includes air compressors, transformer, gas compressor and refrigeration compressor.
- Services reports and additional technical information available.
- Turbine engine:
a. Make: Solar
b. Model: Taurus 60 version: 7001
c. GSC Conv stand power: 4950 KWE G/L
d. NGP RPM: 14944 @ 50 hz
e. IGV setting: 5.0 T5 base: 1206F G/L
f. Set point full load: 1250F G/L

a. Make: Leroy Somer
b. Type: SA 56 BUL85-4p
c. IP: 21
d. Power: 4800 kw (6000 kva)
e. PF: 0.8
f. Volts: 6300; AMPS: 549.8
g. rpm: 1500 @50hz
h. Temperature: 40 Degree C.

Ambient hrsg:
a. Make: Moiman SA
b. Type: Cenerdor Vapor
c. Pressure: 13 kg/cm2
d. Volume: 33.5 cumt
e. Temperature service: 250 Degree C