For Sale - UM - 6436 - Kolsite Three Layer Oscillating Platform Blown Film Plant


Reference Number

UM - 6436


Kolsite Three Layer Oscillating Platform Blown Film Plant

Year Of Manufacture



Maharashtra, India

Product Details

Model: KMF-15745
- Width: 1100 mm (44")
- 45 mm single screw extruders with oscillating platform (360 degree) and suitable D.C main drive with thyristor controls, hopper, barrel, and screw, cross head and die, complete set of heaters for barrel cross head, dies control cabinet with temperature controller, aerodynamic type double lip air cooling ring with blower.
- Vertical take-off unit with nip rollers, flattening boards, bubble guide basket, four station surface winder with polybond expander rollers.
- Maximum output: 80-85 kg/hours
- Film thickness range: 22 -130 micron
- Layflat tubing width: 750 to 1100 mm
- Screw diameter: 45 mm (3 Extruders)
- L/D ratio: 26:1
- Die size: 300 mm diameter
- Die setting: Centering screw provided to adjust die lip gap.
- Heating zone: 6 nos.