For Sale - UM - 7263 - Comexi 8 Color CI Flexo Printing Machine


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UM - 7263


Comexi 8 Color CI Flexo Printing Machine

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Very good



Product Details

Model: FQ-2100
- 8 color CI.flexopress, cantilevered print sleeve type Suitable for use with paper, films and laminated materials utilizing solvent based inks

- Web width: 1290 mm
- Print width: 1240 mm
- Print repeat range: 350 mm - 800 mm
- Bull-gear pitch: 5 mm c.p.
- Enclosed chambered doctor blades / ceramic anilox rollers Sequential operation of print decks
Pre-register of print decks, remote / motorized operation for lateral and longitudinal register Hydraulic locking of print stations (mounted above the press on
the drying bridge)

- 1000 mm diameter non-stop turret unwinder, 2 x DC motor re-gen system, two directional unwinding facility.
- Gantry, electric hoist for master roll loading
- 1000 mm diameter non-stop turret rewinder, 2 x DC motor drives with automatic taper tension control, two directional winding facility.
Gantry, electric hoist for finished roll unloading
- Air shafts: 2 x 76 mm diameter and 2 x 152 mm diameter
- Gas heated drying system (natural gas)
- 5.5 m long final / bridge drying tunnel with tendency driven web path rollers, equipped with web threading chain
- 2 x 320 mm diameter cooling / chill rollers with DC drive motor
- C.I. drum conditioning unit (mounted above the press on the drying bridge) BST ekr-1000 web guiding, web-in / web-out BST Hawk video web / print monitoring Faschnart ink viscometers
- Softal 6060, 6 KW corona web treater with ozone extraction Web spreader / bow rollers Pneumatically powered ink pumps
CO2 fire suppression system (gas bottles not included)
- Print sleeves (470 mm - 620 mm)
- Print sleeve mandrels are cantilevered within the print station for side loading of the print sleeves
Anilox roller loading / unloading is the conventional system of lift-in / lift-out over the print units

Manufactures mechanical and electrical documentation
- Mechanical speed: 300 m/min
- Electrics: 380-415 volt, 3 PH, 50 HZ, 150 KW
- Electrical control panels are mounted above the press on the drying bridge (to save/reduce floor area)
- Drives: DC motors, Siemens Simovert 6SE7, touch-screen operator control
- Approximate floor area: 17 m x 3.5 m (5.8 m high)
- Press / web direction: Right-to-left as viewed from the operator position (prints station to the right hand and rewind station to the left hand)

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